Big data

Meaningful information underlies critical decisions.

Although it has been used frequently in recent years, "Big Data" is actually a concept that has been in our lives for years, even centuries. Every behavior displayed by people in nature, in the workplace, at home and on the streets are steps that contribute to "Big Data."

Constantly gaining momentum, internet usage trends cause the production of data in wide quantity and variety. People add to this data stream with every move they make on the internet. With the help of advancing technology, this huge data set is transformed into a "meaningful" form. Today's infinite data are now made into meaningful information. As Native Teknoloji, our goal is to derive information from data and ensure that this information plays an active role in decision-making mechanisms.

With our Big Data technologies, we transform the data stacks of companies/organizations into useful information they can used in line with their purposes. With our Big Data capabilities, we produce solutions that support companies' strategic decisions.

Data analytics

Analytics of today shape our tomorrow.

Data stacks accumulated with the digital age are analyzed, enabling companies to achieve their decision-making mechanisms and visions for the future. The analyzed data helps businesses look to the future with confidence by optimizing their business processes.

As Native Teknoloji, we perform data visualization and reporting with our data analytics methods. With logical data analyzes, we ensure that businesses act with accurate information and shape their future plans with sound decisions based on this critical information.

With data analytics, we can analyze end-user behavior and carry out performance analysis in business processes, helping the businesses take the necessary actions with this data. In the production and operation processes of companies/organizations, we improve their flexibility depending on the situation and provide coherent information with our meaningful data visuals. With the power of this information, we enable businesses to act with maximum efficiency.



Each situation has a unique solution.

We know that every business can have challenging processes as much as profitable ones. We objectively evaluate the states of every company/organization with quantitative data and encourage companies to develop healthy and successful processes with the consultancy backbone that we have provided. We stand by our software and solutions for the development and growth of business processes, and we develop structures that can be shaped according to project specifications with our consultancy services.

We integrate the various competencies of our expert engineers and experienced experts in a way that they can contribute to every situation, allowing us to organize all our information solutions according to the requests and requirements of our customers. We utilize all our data analysis and visualization capabilities to allow our customers to act quickly with strategic decisions and achieve efficient results.

Digital Transformation

Belief in change nurtures development.

We believe in the future of "digital transformation," the inevitable change of our age, and we care about its contributions to the present. In this age of technology, where only the businesses or organizations that accept change and adapt to the conditions of today's world can survive, the most valuable investment is efficiency.

We know that the way to efficiency passes through technological developments based on information and data. With technological investments, we either buy time or efficiently shape the future with steps taken in the light of information.We keep up with the nature of change and accompany businesses in their journey to digital transformation with our sustainable development foresight.

We like to take action at a speed and practicality that can keep up with this age of technology, as we save time for businesses with our digital transformation services. By developing rapid solutions, we ensure that organizations quickly adapt to business processes and changing conditions with our digital tools. Relying on our knowledge and experience, we develop digitalization processes with the appropriate strategic steps. For every business, we produce solutions of efficiency for today, and sustainability for tomorrow.


Cyber security

Information is valuable well before they are lost!

Just as it was centuries ago, knowledge is still the most significant wealth of our times. The abundance, accuracy, transmission and other various aspects of information have told us the importance of tangible information throughout history. The old habit of protecting and storing information has now transformed into the behavior of stealing information. With the help of developing technology, information theft has become much easier. Carried out over the internet in recent years, these acts of theft are called cyber attacks and can severely affect businesses/organizations.

As Native Teknoloji, we use all our power to ensure the information security of companies under threat and serve as a shield in eliminating the potential damages of cyber attacks.

With our cyber security capabilities in penetration tests, web and network security, source code analysis, DOS/DDOS tests, training and consultancy and application security, we ensure that businesses protect their information.


Analyzed data are signs of the future.

Everything around the world is now on the web. All the information, comments, warnings and suggestions related to a company are available on web platforms. This is why businesses must be able to use their websites correctly and publish them with the right content. However, presenting the right content is not enough in today's world, since you need to monitor them as well.

Existing, being present and visible and holding on in the infinite universe of the internet... All businesses can manage these effectively with website analytics and reporting services. As one of today's most critical and evolving fields, web analytics require expertise. The answers to all your questions, such as getting reports about your target audience, learning the periodic traffic of your website, the interests of your visitors, keywords leading to your website, duration of visit and most popular products or services, can be found in website analytics performed by an expert.

Formerly a major indicator, the number of website visitors is perceived as ordinary information in today's changing world. We know that the important thing is to correctly analyze all the data coming from the website with a holistic approach. As Native Teknoloji, we believe in the value of web data and know that businesses can achieve success by utilizing these analytics and reports in marketing communications.


Mobile solutions

The mobile, the merrier!

Mobility is now an essential part of life. In this digital age, everything must be easily accessible, easy to apply and easy to organize. Companies offering mobile tools to their employees and these mobile tools being used efficiently in all business processes are essential for both the vision of the business and the positive perception of the end consumer.

As Native Teknoloji, we develop mobile services that offer free spaces in technology and offer tailor-made mobile solutions. In this age of increased demand for mobility, we ensure the mobilization of all your business processes. With our mobile solutions, we offer capabilities that can be utilized any place, any time. We prevent the loss of time in manual operations and ensure that all the data related to your businesses can be accessed and managed at any time.

We offer a flexible and easy-to-use solution that does not depend on papers, offices or people.


External perspective is essential for a successful business

Part of being on the internet is being able to monitor the reflection of this presence. In all networks, the hardware may require certain checks or interventions. It is important to continuously monitor and evaluate this asset that is critical for the network and the system.

The maintenance and controls performed in the fields with the presence of companies/organizations contain critical data and produce valuable information thanks to the opportunities provided by technology. As Native Teknoloji, we receive these data produced on the internet and analyze the current situation with the information we have obtained. With information that becomes meaningful in the light of analytics, we ensure that businesses take action against current situations and events. We can collect the data of company/organization updates, vulnerabilities, risks and threats. With the inferences we derive from the data, we provide daily, weekly or monthly reports and ensure that these reports are used by businesses as tools for their improvement. We enable companies to take action by establishing strategies based on concrete data.